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Stand For It?

Michael and James are friends with very different lives but that doesn’t seem to matter until they both start listening to some people with very extreme views.  As the boys begin to be radicalised, the tension between them builds and they grow further apart.  Will they act on these views and what effect will this have on them and their families?

Join Saltmine Theatre Company and community contacts as we explore the process and effects of radicalisation and of extremism, both far right wing extremism and al Qaida narrative inspired extremism.

This show and workshop, which together fit into an hour lesson tackle this controversial issue in an engaging, respectful and thought provoking way.  It is suitable for school years 7 - 13 and the team can repeat the session up to 3 times in a school day, time table permitting.

“The Stand for It? Performance and workshop was an interesting and thought provoking way for students to engage with issues of extremism and radicalisation. We are grateful to Saltmine for performing this play and for the way they led the workshop which highlighted key themes raised by the performance and gave opportunity for students to ask questions” – Julie Anstey, Designated Safeguarding Officer for Grace Academy Darlaston 



“I thought Saltmine successfully delivered a play that was both accessible to students but also managed to drive home some key messages”

(Head of General Studies, Bedale High School, March 2017)


“The whole session was engaging and thought-provoking.  Fantastic engagement with young people, getting messages out regarding embracing difference and tolerance”

(Police Youth Officer, at St Augustine’s High School, March 2017)


2018 tour dates: 23rd January – 9th February

Booking fee for a day: £750 + travel costs + VAT

Contact Joanna Bell on 01384 454807 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book