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What is sent in a second can be remembered forever. For Will, Sarah and Tom the use of social media, online gaming and the internet as a whole has a damaging effect on their lives. Escape K3.4 tells the story of what unravels when the lines are blurred between the internet and real life, when you are forced to cross your own boundaries, and when life becomes dependent on your next internet hit.

Escape K3.4 and its accompanying interactive workshop addresses the negative issues that surround the internet, social media and the impact they can have on life. Online bullying, internet dependence, compulsive online gaming and pornography addiction are some of the issues highlighted in a safe, secure and respectful manner. This production and workshop encourages students to make informed, considered and healthy choices in relation to these topics that affect their daily life.

“The two sessions were absolutely first class, teaching topical issues in a lively and interactive way. The drama production was incredibly engaging and topical with great use of imagery and music. The whole day was a huge success and the school would love to have Saltmine back again”

Assistant Head, Ilkley Grammar, February 2016

"The performance was engaging and thought provoking with contemporary use of music and multi media. The workshop allowed the students to explore the themes by asking questions at their level - I would highly recommend it"

Head Teacher, Bracknell Forest, January 2015

Suitable for school years 8 – 10

40-minute show accompanied by a 45-minute workshop.  Timetable permitting, the show and workshop can be repeated twice in a day.

Now available to book, touring dates 24th – 30th January only,
£750 + travel costs + VAT per day.

Please contact Joanna Bell on 01384 454807 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.