David joined us in 2014 as our Operations Manager and Company Secretary. When he's not at the office he can be found hill walking in Scotland, and listening to music.

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Originally from Bristol, Joanna joined the team as Creative Arts Coordinator in 2008. Between September and December Joanna's head is mostly full of all things Strictly Come Dancing.

Jacob is a Sound Engineer and Technician, and has been part of our team since 2015. He likes music and can twist his thumb in a way we would not recommend you try at home. Or anywhere.

Naomi grew up in Birmingham, she's been our Marketing Coordinator since 2012. She can often be found in the gym or eating Italian food (not at the same time).

Brought up in Stourbridge, Chez (Jonathan) is a part of our media team. When he's not snapping photos at our rehearsal space he can often be found doing slightly random outdoorsy stuff.

Hannah grew up in Warrington, and spends most of her free time getting distracted by dogs. She joined the team in 2017 as Digital Marketing and Communications Lead.

Freddy recently admitted he wanted to be a scarecrow when he grew up. We're not really sure what that would entail, but he's actually a Lead Actor, and has been part of our team since 2012.


Design Lead


Originally from Cornwall, Ben is a Lead Actor and Director, and has been a part ofour team since 2011. He likes paella and walking (and claims tobe able to limbo too).


Brought up in Bedfordshire, Katie joined the team in 2017 as an Intern Actor. She likes travelling and her favourite food is Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Madagascan vanilla yoghurt (other yoghurts are available).


Born in Dublin and spending much of his childhood in Philadelphia, Duncan joined the team as an Intern Actor in 2017. He likes washing up, running and playing the ukulele.


Rachael heads up our team at Saltmine Trust and Saltmine Theatre Company as the CEO. Along with directing our entire operation she loves road cycling, roast dinners and reading.


Brought up in Dorset, Andy is our Logistics Manager and has been with us since 1989. When he's not at the office he loves watching banger racing, and his favourite food is Indian.


Originally from London, Scarlett joined the team as an Intern Actor in 2017. She likes lasagne, surfing and exploring the outdoors.


Theo grew up in Birmingham, he claims tobe half man and half machine, but we've never seen his medical records to confirm this. He joined us in 2017 as a freelance actor.


Dave is a Videographer, and has been part of our media team since 2015. He grew up in Stafford, and his favourite food is his wife's vegan Thai curry.


Esther joined us as an Intern Actor in 2016. Brought up in Hertfordshire, she likes crazy golf, party rings and building sandcastles.


Emma is originally from Birkenhead in Merseyside, and wanted to be a postman when she grew up. Instead she's a Senior Actor, and has been part of the team since 2015.


Marcel grew up in Birmingham, and is a Senior Actor. He's been part of our team since 2016. He likes football, going to the gym and he does a fairly convincing impression of Denzel Washington.


Hailing from Wolverhampton, Phil is our Finance Administrator. He likes fishing, golf and curry and has been part of our team since 2015


Alys has been an Actor with us since 2016. She knows a surprising amount of the thriller dance routine and has a love of cherry tomatoes and chocolate soufflé. (Though she assures us that's not together).

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An Artistic Director and self-proclaimed staff table tennis champion, Caroline has been a part of the team since 2012. She loves avocado smash and reading.


Originally from Blackpool, Jake joined our team as a Technician in 2017. Along with cycling and outdoorsy stuff he's a big fan of banoffee pie!


Lesley is the UK director of Agapé and has been a part of our board since 2014. When she's not helping shape Saltmine Trust she can be found watching movies, reading and eating with friends.


A board member since 2009, Paul recently retired from church leadership. He planted a church in the West Midlands over 30 years ago, and now enjoys new areas of ministry and playing tennis.


John has been a part of our board since 2005, and along with working as a Management Consultant he enjoys spending time meeting people and DIY.


A board member since 2009, Paul is our current Chair. He is a retired solicitor and church leader and enjoys building relationships with his children and grandchildren, and playing golf.