Each year we create a brand new Christmas production, with the aim of bringing joy, laughter and an inspirational message to audiences of all ages.

This year we’re raising funds for The Nutcracker, a festive classic with a message of forgiveness. We'd love you to join us as we adventure together and bring this story to thousands of people around the UK.

The Nutcracker has already been booked by many churches and communities around the UK, and production has begun. This Christmas production will run for three years: two as a 90 minute family show and one as a 45 minute primary school production. In total it will be performed around 80 times, travelling all over the UK. For this reason it's essential that we create costumes and set that are high quality and long lasting; we want every audience member to experience the production as it was first intended.

Whether you are able to give a one-off donation to help us create props, costume and set, or perhaps set up a regular donation to help us as we expand and grow our work, thank you for being a part of Saltmine Theatre Company. Together we can share more stories that impact lives and transform society.