Let your hair down this Christmas and join Saltmine Theatre Company’s unexpectedly twisty tall tale as we unravel the knots of being different, being free – and being yourself. 

Hark! A Nativity Story

Apprentice Angels are looking for a Shepherd, a Shepherd is searching for a lost Sheep and a disguised king is hunting for a very special baby.

This production is available as a filmed full length production online.
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The Gardeners' Tale

Theme: Love and forgiveness

A Long Road Home

Saltmine Theatre Company’s action-packed adventure brings the story of the Prodigal Son to life in an exciting and original way, and highlights the themes of forgiveness and worth.

Secret Angels

Secret Angels is an innovative and interactive sweep of the great big story of God and us, using music, poetry and creative storytelling. This vibrant production explores the Christian vision of self-identity and enlivens some familiar stories from the Book of Hope, A.K.A. the Bible.