The Soul in the Machine

Commissioned by YMCA, created by Saltmine Theatre Company, The Soul In The Machine takes audiences back to 1844.


Through a performance and interactive workshop Faultlines explores what healthy relationships look like, celebrate the bravery of the stories shared and equip young people for escape and action. 

This is not about fault after all, but freedom

John Newton - Amazing Grace

A portrayal of John Newton's life story, from slave ship captain to church leader and hymn writer - a celebration of the transformative power of grace

The Story of Martin Luther

Consumed with guilt and wrestling with darkness, Martin Luther’s internal battle brings him close to the brink. As he grapples with the Bible, challenges accepted practices and despairs of ever being worthy, he comes to a startling revelation: salvation comes through faith alone.

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls is a reimagining of John’s Gospel. Moving, funny, poetical and fantastical, the play mixes vivid storytelling with beautiful live music, to bring you a timeless story, as you’ve never seen it before.


"Together, supporting one another, with the help and grace of God I believe we can calm each other when we feel afraid, strengthen one another when we are weak and work together to raise our children to the glory of God and to raise the home life of this nation." - Mary Sumner, founder of Mothers' Union.

Between The Lines

Three stories, three people, three nations; united by one message for the Arab world.