This year we had seven runners taking part in the London Marathon, raising money for our theatre in education work around the UK. They did an amazing job, and all managed to run the course and cross the finish line in around five hours.

"During the race, at the hard parts, I had to dig deep and remember who I was doing it for and why. I felt surrounded by love, grace and optimism. I still count the marathon as one of the most wonderfully emotional and constructive things I have ever done." - Emma Webster

In total (including training) the team ran 2646 miles, and raised a huge £7,447.58. In case you're interested, they burned 277,830 calories, the equivalent of 536 kitkats (though we don't advise eating that many). The money raised goes towards our work in schools, educating on matters like unity in diversity and British values.

"You are never alone when you run for Saltmine." - Matt Chan

Want to support our work but don't fancy running the marathon?
There's lots of ways you can join in and help out, find out more here.