Switch Up: an anti-knife crime drama programme set to reach
approximately 5,000 pupils

Saltmine Theatre Company’s Switch Up, comprised of a 45-minute performance and 45-minute workshop, is set to reach approximately 5,000 pupils across the West Midlands and Derby area on its forthcoming tour from 27th June - 17th July.

Switch Up focuses on the complex, interrelated issues of knife crime, gang violence and self-identity. Originally commissioned and funded by Derby City Council, it premiered in September 2018, when Saltmine's actors performed 12 shows and workshops to 2,351 pupils in school years 9 and 10.

“You touched some hard to reach children who are at risk of falling towards gang life” - Teacher feedback from Autumn tour

Recent national responses to the knife crime danger include a South London priest calling for churches to open up as safe havens for young people and the Home Office granting £7m to West Midlands Police.

These responses call us to work together, to encourage more young people to make positive life choices. If you are interested in booking this programme for your school or partnering with Saltmine to tour Switch Up in your area, please call 01384 454800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.