With the wonderful news of being proud owners of Saltmine’s headquarters building in Dudley, we are now in a position to invest and upgrade the interior facilities.

In the midst of our busy workloads here at Saltmine, one of the key ways we invest in our relationships is to pray and eat together at lunch time. We stop work each day at 12.45pm, gather to pray and share, followed by our lunch. We bring food and prepare it in our communal kitchen and eat together in our meeting room. There is love, laughter and tears as we spend time with one another.

Our communal kitchen, where we share life, has become in dire need of replacing, with a refrigerator, cooker and dishwasher that are old and inefficient, along with worn out cupboards, surfaces and flooring. The décor and tiles are tired and in need of upgrading due to the intense daily use from our office staff and creative team. Accordingly, we would like to raise £17,000 so that we can completely replace our kitchen and significantly enhance our food preparation space.

If you are able, could you give a donation towards our kitchen upgrade?

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With grateful thanks and blessings,

Rachael Orrell
CEO of Saltmine