For many of us lockdown has been at best surreal, at worst catastrophic. For young people already in the midst of change, the sudden removal of familiarity has been disastrous. The pandemic has affected not only their present but also their future prospects.

Friends, school, church, youth groups, sport – who are we when the ground is removed from beneath our feet?

In this season of uncertainty our schools work remains urgently necessary. In an entirely new endeavour, we have recorded three short films for years 7 – 9. Based on the mad world of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Wonderland explores various issues which may have affected teenagers’ mental health over lockdown, such as body image, social media, and disconnection from friends. With its comprehensive accompanying workshop materials, we hope Wonderland will create an environment where young people feel safe to be vulnerable about untangling the complex experience of lockdown and to reconnect after isolation. To see more information about this production, visit: for more information.

Emily Feltham