This year, Saltmine Trust celebrated its 40th anniversary. A lot has happened over the past 40 years in Saltmine. Here are some thoughts from all of the CEOs of Saltmine Trust:

Dave Pope
Founder and CEO from 1980 to 2006

40 years… and it only seems like yesterday when God planted the idea of birthing an organisation with a real heart for mission and evangelism, that would also be a training ground for young people wanting to use their artistic gifts and abilities in ministry and service. Today, although not directly involved, I continue to be proud and blessed with all that Saltmine is doing and achieving for the Kingdom. I am encouraged to see that ongoing commitment to innovation and Spirit-led incentive that keeps making a difference – not only in the lives of folk who are reached, but also in those who are part of the Saltmine family. Happy 40th Birthday ... and every blessing for the exciting days ahead.

Phil Collins
CEO from 2006 to 2010

When I think of my rich time at Saltmine Trust, I’m still profoundly motivated by the power of creativity to transform lives and the superpower of story and theatre to lead people to Christ. Rachael Orrell and her amazing team have continued the tradition to convincingly push communication boundaries, sharing the Christian faith and values with life, flare, and brilliance. They are light. I love to point people towards Saltmine because their work leaves a lasting and eternal impact. What a gift Saltmine is to the United Kingdom. A standing ovation for their 40th year.

Rachael Orrell
CEO from 2011 to present

I remember the original Saltmine days as a teenager and count it an absolute privilege to have taken on the leadership baton in 2011. We follow the footsteps of our Artist God, and together we passionately believe in the power of story and creativity. Over the years we have been blessed with dynamic, God-gifted creatives and have an awesome current team. Lead us Lord, we pray, as we journey into the next decade.

To commemorate Saltmine’s anniversary month in July earlier this year, an exclusive interview was released between Rachael Orrell and Dave Pope which can be found by visiting: To see more information about this production, visit: