The Liberator was originally commissioned all the way back in 2019, with the intention to premier the show at Saltmine’s 40th birthday celebration before a summer tour...

Needless to say, these plans had to change. However, with funding secured from the Jerusalem Trust, the extra time has given us an unexpected chance to dream and create. We’ve begun to get under the skin of the script, exploring using physical language and musical potential to bring Jesus’ story to life. These dynamic rehearsals – which have at times bordered on bible study – have involved devising modern interpretations of the parable, performing the Beatitudes at a music festival and creating a storm with nothing but ourselves and a few chairs! We are continuing to develop plans as to how and when we will produce this show, so watch this space.

2022 also holds exciting plans to resurrect the Birmingham Passion Play as the National Passion Play! Both Norwich and hopefully Birmingham (tbc) will be experiencing the joy, pain, and drama of “God on the Streets” over Holy Week. We can’t wait to work with local volunteers and performers to create brand new community casts and tailor the journey to the local area so that each retelling of the story is truly “by the city, for the city”.

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