“Freddy when you are on that cross, looking over and seeing those people, it’s in those moments that the Holy Spirit takes over.” 
- Marcel White

The Stafford Passion Play 2023 was an incredible testimony to the power of people from all ages and walks of life joining together to tell the most important story of all time. From the local churches who championed the production, the committed community cast and stewards bringing the story to life and the huge audience who journeyed with us through the streets, every single person had an essential role in telling the story of Jesus. Particularly poignant memories included a young girl (caught up in the injustice of the trial scene) shouting “He’s innocent!”, and the curious young people on their bikes on the edge of the park who became interested in the action. We are also honoured by people who chose to share their stories with us, including a man wanting prayer for freedom from addiction. We hope that people will continue to recognise their place in God’s story of eternal love and liberation.

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Freddy Goymer