Jet-setting off on its premiere tour in primary schools, Blast Off is innovatively educating the next generation about online safety.

  Piloting the Starship Phoenix is Space Cadet Imogen Nova, assisted by her trusty robot friend D44. She has been tasked to captain her first space mission. Along the way she will encounter meteor showers, distress signals and shapeshifting aliens. Will she get pulled into the dangers of uncharted space or will she remember the Space Code in time? Using the analogy of outer space to represent the internet, we experience the wonder of exploration whilst navigating the imminent dangers which threaten the safety of our ‘astronauts’ (pupils). To protect themselves, ‘astronauts’ follow the Space Code, which is unpacked in our interactive workshop. We aim to empower children to be internet champions for their whole family, discussing boundaries together so that they can have fun online whilst remaining safe.

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Written by Ben Kessell & Daniel Woolley