During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have re-told the powerful gospel story through new creative digital resources for churches and communities.

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In Holy Week 2019, Saltmine performed a contemporary Passion Play right in the heart of Birmingham for the very first time. Over 3,000 people journeyed with us as we took to the streets to immerse the city in the last days, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Using significant landmarks as our stages, The Birmingham Passion Play 2019 disrupted the ordinary and invited everyone to participate in the extraordinary. Alongside our professional actors, a team of a hundred community actors, musicians, technicians and stewards brought the gospel to life, in all its rawness and all its relevance.

At Saltmine, we believed these plays were not a one-off event, and we can now share that we will be performing again next year in The Passion Play 2022 in Norwich! And we're currently exploring avenues for another Birmingham Passion Play next year as well. Watch this space as we update you along the way and journey to see live theatre once again on the streets of cities across the UK.

If you enjoyed The Birmingham Passion Play 2019 and long to see another, please consider supporting the work ahead by donating below as we now plan The Passion Play in Norwich and maybe further afield for 2022.

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The Saltmine Passion Play Audio Drama

Just before and during the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown
The Saltmine Passion Play Audio Drama was created.        

Consisting of three 15 minute episodes, spanning from Jesus’ triumphant procession to the crucifixion and resurrection The Saltmine Passion Play Audio Drama is a moving immersive depiction of the easter story.

Episode 1
Last Supper & Gethsemane

Episode 2
Trial & Crucifixion

Episode 3

If you saw The Birmingham Passion Play 2019 and want to find out more about Jesus and get connected to a Birmingham church click here.