Saltmine Theatre Company presents WONDERLAND to address the issue of mental health amongst young people

‘Everything is topsy turvy. With her mum always busy, her brother wrestling with anxiety, 14-year-old Alice seems to be the only one keeping her head together. Or is she?

Bored and lonely, Alice escapes to a world so surreal that her own home seems sane by comparison. Under the shadow of the ominous Queen of Hearts, the quirky characters of Wonderland have sunk into madness and magic to cope with the chaos around them. Endless parties, unpredictable cake and existential caterpillars – in Wonderland nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted.

Can Alice learn to depend upon herself to untangle the knots and navigate this strange new existence?’

Inspired by the magical world of “Alice in Wonderland”, WONDERLAND responds to the urgent mental health crisis affecting young people. In a recent survey by Young Minds, 83% of young people state that the coronavirus crisis has made their mental health “worse” or “much worse”. Touching lightly upon issues such as anxiety, eating disorders and depression, the story and accompanying workshop sensitively creates a safe space for teenagers to engage with their own responses. Facilitating open and honest conversation, we hope to take the first steps towards reconnection after isolation.

As Saltmine seeks to act within the Government’s guidelines on social distancing, the production of WONDERLAND will be available as three separate filmed resources for schools to purchase and share with pupil groups as they choose. A workshop plan is also available to accompany each film, to facilitate conversation and engagement with mental health concerns, which can be utilized within PSHE lessons. The workshop sessions could either be delivered by a teacher or by a Saltmine workshop facilitator (booked at an extra cost of £150).

Production Details

Length: Three Videos (approximately 10minutes each) with
accompanied workshop resources
Suitability: Years 7-9 KS3
Cost: £650 (+VAT, +£150 for a Saltmine workshop facilitator upon request)
Availability: Beginning of November

    Notes to the Editor
  • Saltmine Trust is a Christian charity and theatre company, inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus.
  • Creating and retelling stories, with a commitment to making a difference, they deliver high quality creative performances and interactive workshops. Describing what they do as 'faith motivated arts', and performing to more than 100,000 people per year, Saltmine Theatre Company aims to impact lives and transform society.