Funded by local Churches

“By bringing Saltmine into local schools, churches will be making a vital contribution to the welfare and protection of children and young people in their community”
Church Pastor

This initiative started with a dream to connect local churches and organisations with the heart of their communities. To bring accessible creative resources, that tackle current issues, at no cost to schools across the country.

With increasing cuts for our local schools and issues like extremism, cyber bullying and knife crime growing in our communities, we want to provide an avenue for change. Saltmine in Schools joins the fundraising power of churches and organisations with schools, to provide young people with productions and workshops that empower and educate.

“With tightening school budgets, I would encourage church leaders to consider offering schools some financial support to enable these productions to reach more schools, either by funding from church budgets or by accessing funding from resources within their own church denominations and networks”

The amount needed to be raised would be dependant on the production and amount of schools to be visited.
So please contact us to enquire.