2.6 Challenge

There's still time to support our fundraisers below and help raise vital money for Saltmine Trust.
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Support Teresa

Teresa's 2.6km run for 26 days

Support Katie

Katie's 2.6 week's to play the trumpet

Support Steve

Steven's 26 kick ups

Support kirsty

Kirsty's 26 pieces of art

Support Rachael

Rachael's 2.6 x 26 = 67.6km cycle

Support Joanna

Joanna's 2.6 hour Zumbathon!

Support Dave

Dave's 26 miles in 2.6 days

Support Hayley

Hayley's 2.6 minute BSL performance

Support David

David's 26 streets with a 26 house number dog walk

Support Sandeep

Sandeep's 260 squats in 2.6 days

Support Sam

Sam's 26 trick shots

Support Wendy

Wendy's 2.6 honey hampers

Support Franco

Franco's 2 minute 6 seconds skip

Support Sophia

Sophia's 26 original songs

Support Jacob

Jacob's 26 trick shots

Support Luke

Luke's 26 headers

Support Emily

Emily's 26 original poems

Support Freddy

Freddy's singing in 26 languages

Support Chez

Chez's 2.6 min x 26 times plank

Support Phil

Phil's 26 days of Joe Wicks

Support Kessells

The Kessell's 26 movie moments

Support Paul

Paul's 2.6 x 26 = 67.6km cycle

Support Judy

Judy's 2.6 miles a day for 26 miles

Support Marcel

Marcel's 26 learnt bible verses in 2.6 minutes

Support Marcel

Becky's Run/walk/crawl up and down my stairs lots