Digital Productions

Digital Productions
KEYSTAGE 1 and 2

Primary School Resource: Internet Safety 

This is an interactive, educational lesson featuring presenters and fun characters with the purpose of equipping children on how to stay safe on the internet. Featuring home activities, interactive scenarios and exclusive clips from our internet safety show, Escape, this session will take children through what makes apps and games safe and unsafe, how to protect personal information and what to do it you feel worried of upset online. 

KEYSTAGE 1 and 2

Primary School Resource: Unity in diversity

In Their Shoes is a filmed theatre production and workshop produces with multi-faith partners, celebrating and promoting unity in diversity and unpacking the British Values.

The Spots hate the Stripes and the Stripes hate the Spots and that's how it's always been. They are sworn enemies on the streets, the playground and even the racetrack. But things may be about to change! One Stripe goes on a journey to stand up to the Spots. However, on her journey she meets character who tell her stories about how it is possible to get along, despite being very different.

The Stripe meets a fishing community who fish in an extraordinary hot and cold river, a king who is dealing with a troublesome thief and a man who is disrupted every evening from reading his favourite book by his neighbour's loud, annoying music. As the Stripe meets people who are very different and spends time in their shoes, she begins to question; could she get on with the Spots and even become friends with them?

KEYSTAGE 3 and 4

Secondary School Resource: Wonderland

Inspired by the magical world of “Alice in Wonderland”. This production responds to the urgent mental health crisis affecting young people.

Available as three separate film resources for schools, packaged with workshop plans to facilitate conversation, and engagement with mental health issues in PSHE lessons.  
Everything is topsy turvy. With her mum always busy, her brother wrestling with anxiety, 14-year-old Alice seems to be the only one keeping her head together. Or is she?  
Bored and lonely, Alice escapes to a world so surreal that her own home seems sane by comparison. Under the shadow of the ominous Queen of Hearts, the quirky characters of Wonderland have sunk into madness and magic to cope with the chaos around them. Endless parties, unpredictable cake and existential caterpillars – in Wonderland nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted.  
Can Alice learn to depend upon herself to untangle the knots and navigate this strange new existence?  
Inspired by the magical world of “Alice in Wonderland”, WONDERLAND responds to the urgent mental health crisis affecting young people. In a recent survey by Young Minds, 83% of young people state that the coronavirus crisis has made their mental health “worse” or “much worse”. Touching lightly upon issues such as anxiety, eating disorders and depression, the story and accompanying workshop sensitively creates a safe space for teenagers to engage with their own responses. Facilitating open and honest conversation, we hope to take the first steps towards reconnection after isolation.  
As Saltmine seeks to act within the Government’s guidelines on social distancing, the production of WONDERLAND will be available as three separate filmed resources for schools to purchase and share with pupil groups as they choose. A workshop plan is also available to accompany each film, to facilitate conversation and engagement with mental health concerns, which can be utilized within PSHE lessons. The workshop sessions could either be delivered by a teacher or by a Saltmine workshop facilitator (booked at an extra cost of £150).

KEYSTAGE 3 and 4

Secondary School Resource: Internet Safety

Open this phone and you will find the social media accounts of two teenagers, Nathan and Samantha, carving their own paths across various online platforms. They’re faced with tough decisions surrounding cyber bullying, sexting, pornography and online grooming.   
Within this safe space, choices are put into the hands of participating young people as they are empowered to make wise choices and take control of what happens next.    
How can we tread with confidence whilst leaving an inevitable digital footprint? Using case studies, testimonies and helpful tips, the facilitators within this educational resource unpack these issues sensitively and directly. Young people are equipped to manage their online profiles with insight, caution and creativity, as they learn how to make the internet work for them.